Craft club is open to anyone from Reception age up to Y3 and is a fun and hands on way to make simple craft ideas that you can then take home and try out too. It is run by Mr Kilkenny on a Wednesday evening after school.   If you want to have a go at designing and making anything from a shoe box aquarium, pasta paintings, masks and a rainbow streamer then craft club might just be for you. 



Football Club is open to children in years 1 - 6 and is run by TOP SCORE.


It takes place all year, not only in the main season, due to its popularity. You need a waterproof coat and warm tracksuit bottoms in Winter. 


It is better to play in football boots if you have them and bring shin pads too! 



Frisbee club is run as an after school club by Topscore and gives children the opportunity to develop all aspects of physical activity.  If you think it’s just throwing and catching think again! Pupils are encouraged to develop many areas in Frisbee club such as invasion type games, speed and agility.  It’s fun, it’s fast and open to everyone to have a go.